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Thread: Pocket-Carry Stops Home Invaders

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    Icon14 Pocket-Carry Stops Home Invaders

    "He told them he’d get his keys, reached into his pocket and pulled out a .38-cal. handgun."

    I've no doubt this assault and attempted home invasion would have ended in AT LEAST a robbery, if not a rape and murders.

    Ah, pocket-carry, the ultimate surprise way to ruin a bad-guy's day.

    Quick thinking on the part of a 28-year-old man may have saved the lives of his entire family. Arriving home from a family trip, the man escorted his wife and their son inside, then he returned to the car. That is when two men approached. One man grabbed him from behind, the other put a shotgun to his head. The robbers tried to get into the man’s house, but the door was locked.

    The man knew he had to protect his family by preventing the robbers’ entrance at all cost. He told them he’d get his keys, reached into his pocket and pulled out a .38-cal. handgun. He fired five shots, wounding at least one of the robbers and causing both to flee. The shotgun-wielding suspect fired a round in return, but neither the brave resident nor his family were injured. (Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN, 09/09/11)

    My pockets are always full of surprises.

    Clockwise from top left: Glock 26, Sig Sauer P239, Smith & Wesson BodyGuard, all in Mika Pocket Holsters.
    Top Right: Springfield XD SC in Kramer Pocket Holster

    Mika's Pocket Holsters

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    Score another one for us pocket carry commandos!!

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