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Thread: Heizer's DoubleTap .45ACP

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    Default Heizer's DoubleTap .45ACP

    Interesting, true pocket .45ACP from Heizer Defense. It'll be a hit IF it proves to be reliable and durable. It has definitely peaked my interest at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rkbartley View Post
    Exactly my thoughts. It's one of those "wait and see" things. Certainly does not look like a gun that you will take to the range very often but does appear to be very pocketable. The price point puts the gun at or above some very serious contenders and well above the proven Bond derringers. (You can easily drop 1K on this gun if you go for the dual caliber version.) Given the ACP round requirements, I am curious about the "HEIZER Loading Devices" that are apparently required. I was unable to find an explanation for them and will assume that they are similar to the star clips that are required on some ACP revolvers. I have always felt that such devices seriously affected the rapid and/or low light ability to reload. Hopefully, I've misunderstood the purpose of these "loading devices" for this new and interesting firearm. It certainly expands the potential arsenal for the concealed carry individual, particularly for those that rely on pocketable guns. Any way you look at it, that can't be bad!
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